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Available Services


Individual and family consultations help us get to know one another in a private, personal and individualized way. During this time we will identify your needs, concerns and challenges. From here we can establish and prioritize goals, some families refer to this as a "road map", and if necessary; support the path for making challenging decisions. This will also provide an opportunity to better educate you around the disease, inform and connect you with useful tools, options, and resources. Consultations are offered on a short and long term basis in suggested 2-3 hour increments.


Specialized services can embrace many different needs and stages. My hope is to connect with families early on in the memory loss journey, and to stay connected with you over time. As things may change or advance, we're better able to support those steps more personally and knowledgeably.  In that regard, specialized services can be many things.

Perhaps a family feels it would be helpful to consider hiring a paid caregiver to build in weekly routine and support. This might be to help your loved one living with early memory loss stay engaged, connected, and contributing to meaningful activities in their community. Or, perhaps to build in support for you, to help with your "less than favored, to do list", or to offer a well deserved break to enjoy lunch with a friend, exercise, or go see a movie. Side by Side can support all aspects of the process for interviewing, introducing, training and partnering the new member of "your team" for success.

Perhaps your family is ready to explore an Adult Day program? We can help you look at options, and also support your loved one in getting acclimated--"adopting and adapting to" this new setting and routine.  Again, turning this into an experience that your loved one looks forward to and that fosters socialization, connection and purpose.

Perhaps you're experiencing challenging behaviors related to aspects of daily living? As the disease changes, dressing, bathing, eating, and sleeping can become confusing. We can help with suggestions on how to adapt or modify the task, the routine, or the environment. 

Another family may feel they are ready to explore the difficult decision to move their loved one to a care home, or simply want to do some early research and proactive planning. Side by Side can visit care homes, address questions and concerns, and help you determine the best fit. Even if you're not quite ready, this step serves as effective early planning and helps prepare a plan in case of emergency. When you may choose to act and move your loved one, we can also continue on to ensure you they adjust and transition well, get acclimated to the new care team and environment, and to act as an on-going advocate.

Some families may want to take a few weeks of respite or a vacation, we can help you explore those options too.

For existing clients we also offer "on call" support. This is utilized when the primary family member/caregiver may be out of town and want someone "on call" if an emergency were to arise.


We know these are all challenging "bridges to consider and cross" and we're here to help. Making a difficult decision is never easy emotionally. Taking the next best step in the right direction, helps you take care of yourself, as well as the one you love.

We call all of this, creating lasting partnerships, and peace of mind..


As part of our philosophy and extended partnership, we offer professional training to home care agencies, residential care settings, businesses, and local civic organizations. Some of our topics include: "Living with Early Memory Concerns", "Environmental and Behavioral Challenges", "Enhancing Caregiver Wellness", "Enhancing Life through Creative Engagement" "Late Stage Care: Embracing the Senses." More specialized training and topics can be accommodated on request.  These topics can also be offered to the community if a care setting or agency would like to be a host sponsor.

Please contact us for additional information.


Group Learning Opportunities

I think most of us learn best from each other, and if you agree check back here for a local "walk and talk", "learning circle", or a presentation I might be offering in the community. Email me if you would like to be added to a monthly correspondence group. **If you are a local care home, business or civic organization interested in sponsoring an event or group, please contact us for further information.

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